Combed Wheat Straw

This material also called Devon reed, wheat reed or wheat straw is used for thatching roofs and
for the majority of ridging work Combed Wheat Reed is no longer a by-product of cereal production. These days cereal varieties are grown with short straw which would be hopeless for thatching roofs.

Combed Wheat Reed is a material produced by cutting wheat with a binder and tying into sheaves. The sheaves are then stooked in the field and follows the same process as Long straw. Until, at the threshing process the Threshing machine has a Comber on the top which combes the straws, then it goes into a trusser and is tied into bundles of Combed Wheat Reed. So the complete harvested straw with the grain is threshed and ‘combed’ to remove grain, leaves, weeds and short or broken straw producing ‘combed wheat reed’. This produces the material ready to be used for thatching.

Most of the work we do is combed wheat straw roofs.