Combed Wheat Straw / Long Straw Thatcher / Reed Thatcher


  1. Why should I choose you to thatch my roof?

  2. There are many Thatchers’ and choosing just one can be very difficult. As a small company it may take longer for me to complete the work but I guarantee it will be me on the roof everyday and any additional labourers used will be closely supervised. I offer the highest quality craftsmanship at an honest and competitive price and you can be rest assured that I will only quote for a job that needs to be done

  3. Isn’t thatching seasonal?

  4. No! It is an all year round job like any other. Personally, I work in all weathers – even the snow!

  5. Why are the thatches on some roofs so thick?

  6. They do not have to be, and should not be. Some lazy Thatcher’s will re-thatch straight onto existing thatch. Stripping the old material is a time consuming and messy job but one that should not be avoided. Over coating is necessary on many properties, however superfluous thatch should always be stripped down to a base coat of around 10 inches and gables and eaves completely stripped out. Thatch distributed over a roof can be very heavy and properties that have many layers of thatch over the top of each other are putting undue strain on the often very old roof structure below, which is of course extremely dangerous.

  7. How long will it take for my roof to be re-thatched?

  8. This is dependant on the size and complexity of your roof and of course the material that is used. I offer a free, no obligation roof quote and will also provide you with an approximate timescale.

  9. Will scaffolding be needed?

  10. Yes. Health and safety requires scaffolding to be used at all times unless I am undertaking a minor repair.

  11. Are you insured to carry out work on my property?

  12. Yes. I have full public liability insurance.

  13. What are the benefits of having a thatched property?

  14. Apart from the obvious aesthetics benefits, thatched houses have superb insulation qualities keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter months. Nearly everything used to thatch a roof is natural and therefore kind to the environment. Also, it keeps an age old craft alive.

  15. How long will my thatch last?

  16. This is dependent on many factors, the type and quality of material, weather conditions and position of your house along with the skill of the Thatcher that laid it. For further information on types of Thatching Materials

  17. Are there any grants available to help finance a re-thatch?

  18. Yes, dependent on which county you live in. Contact the Conservation Officer at your local County Council for more information.

  19. Where do the materials come from?

  20. The wheat straw is sourced from Somerset and water reed is imported from abroad.

  21. What happens to the old thatch when it is removed?

  22. It is taken to a specialist agricultural waste agent where it is combined with other green waste and converted into compost.

  23. Will my home be watertight whilst my roof is being re-thatched?

  24. Yes. If the old thatch is completely stripped off to the rafters then felt will be applied to the roof, followed by a waterproof sheet. If the roof is being over coated then the base coat should, in most cases, be sufficiently watertight. The odd leak does happen but is easily remedied.

  25. What about the risk of fire?

  26. It does not happen as often as you would think. A good Thatcher should inspect problem areas such as the chimney and establish if there are any other issues with the property before undertaking a re-thatch. Certain materials can be used to reduce the risk of fire, but this is something which needs to be discussed with your Thatcher prior to work being undertaken as every property is different.

  27. How much will it cost me to have my roof Thatched?

  28. I know how frustrating it is when all you want is a price or even a rough estimate, but every roof and job are so different that it would be impossible to quote without seeing it first. Please contact me and I will be happy to provide a free, no obligation quote.