How much does a thatch roof cost?

When quoting for a thatch roof, a thatcher has to take many different factors into account. These factors include size, material, access, scaffolding requirements, features, difficulty and location.

This is why a visit to the property is always needed and prices can vary so greatly.

However as people often just want an idea of cost, I thought it would be helpful to add a quote estimator. This is designed to give you a very rough idea based on a little bit of information. It is not a final quote as that can only be determined by surveying the roof personally.

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Our Price

Pricing between thatchers can vary widely. Unfortunately in every industry you will find some trades-people that will cut corners to secure work and save costs. For you, this is false economy as usually when you pay cheap, you pay twice meaning that your thatch could be lacking in quality or more likely reduced longevity.

Our Quality

As conscientious contractors, we are members of the National Society of Master Thatchers, insured up to £15 million for public liability, staff are treated fairly receiving decent wages & pensions, as required by law, and insist on following all required legislation from waste disposal to health and safety.