Thatch Removal & Roof Replacement

If you are looking to get thatching work completed, then prepare for mess. I’m sure you have an idea of how messy it could be. Now times that idea by 100. This is a necessary evil if the job is to be prepared in the correct manner.

We keep on top of the mess as much as possible, but if we were to make your property spotless every day then we would never get any thatching done. We take about a truckload of material away a day, but rest assured, when the thatch removal and roofing replacement has been complete, a thorough clean will be done.

If we redo a ridge then we take the old ridge off, not just go over the top of the old.

If we do a re-thatch then we take a lot off. Water reed roofs will be taken to the rafters. If its a straw roof with multi layered thatch then it depends on the roof how much is taken off, but it is essential to strip some off and get down to a firm basecoat.

Many thatchers won’t take any off, and this leads to various problems, such as thick loose eaves, reducing daylight into windows, reducing chimney height, along with added weight on often very old rafters.

The NSMT also has compelling evidence that multiple thatch layers on a roof is a fire risk. At the time of writing 39 thatched houses were lost to fire, every one of them had thick, multi layered thatch.

We will also strip the eaves and gables out completely. This will often involve new timber work. but gives the appearance of a single layer, gives the thatch a firm foundation on a wall plate, and increases light into windows.

For more information on our thatch removal and replacement for roofs, please contact us here. Grant Batchelor also provide an on-going thatch maintenance service to ensure your roof is well looked after throughout.

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