Combed Wheat Straw / Long Straw Thatcher / Reed Thatcher


In the past I have thatched a variety of roofs including gazebos, well, porches, and sheds, so I can offer a complete thatching service. Additional to complete thatching and re-thatching, i also offer the following services


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The ridge of a thatched property will not last as long as the main coat and will need replacing every 10-15 years. Wheat straw or sometimes Sedge Grass is used due to its pliable nature.

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As a thatch nears the end of its life it will start to leak in places. To extend the life of a coat a patch can often be used. However, if patches are needed in the most cases it mean a complete re-thatch will be required and so patching should only ever be looked upon as a short-term rather than permanent solution.