Thatching Materials

Not all roofs are created equal.

When undertaking a new job, or just chatting to people about our work, we are often asked, “What is thatch?”. Many people don’t understand that ‘Thatch’ can be made from one, or a combination, of many different materials; depending on the desired look, feel, function, and cost of the new thatched roof or repair.

Oldest Trades

Thatching is one of the oldest and most unchanging construction processes, and one of the most sustainable. This is a result of the traditional methods used to source, prepare, and utilise different types of thatching materials.

Our highly skilled thatchers are trained to use three main material types and have extensive experience in all disciplines involved in using them. That said, we mostly work with combed wheat straw because of its ready availability, as well as its smooth look, and the high-quality finish that can be achieved. This allows us to give our customers the best value for money possible.

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